Taming of the T-Bird

T-Bird Cover

In this, the second adventure of Emily Trace, our quirky heroine treks further south into the dryland farming area known locally as “The Palouse.” Her latest client has car trouble of an eerie kind, and strange happenings on Tekoa Mountain seem to be related to his mechanical failures.

Taming of the T-Bird may be purchased at any bookstore by special order. It is also available on Amazon.com in both paperback and ebook versions.

Reviews by readers:

Reviewed by Gia S. on Amazon.com: Another captivating yarn spun by the masterful hands of Sue Eller, author of the wonderful MEADOWLARK MADNESS, the first book in the Emily Trace series of mysteries.
In this sequel, TAMING OF THE T-BIRD, we meet again the colorful, quirky characters we loved in the first book, along with some lively newcomers.
From the first chapter, the action and suspense builds until you might just find you can’t let go of this book. Come along for the ride -you’ll love it!
Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Bob Hildahl: This is the second book of the Emily Trace Mystery series. It’s about Emily Trace who has a detective agency in Spokane, Washington called “E.T. Investigations.” She drinks coffee to excess, which I can clearly identify with, and she has an amusing “bird” clock in her office that sings out different bird songs on the hour. It’s wintertime, snowy and freezing cold. The story begins with her first client telling her a strange tale. He purchased a used TBird, but every time he drives it home from work, it quits on him at the exact same spot. At the same time, bright lights swoop over him and seem to be headed for Tekoa Mountain. Then the car starts right up again! Can Emily solve this mystery? While she is working on the T-Bird mystery and the possibility that aliens are trying to take over our planet, her mother-in-law’s house burns to the ground. And the fire marshal suspects arson. Could this be related to her husband, Jared’s unsolved murder? After all, this was the reason she started her detective agency to begin with. If you like science fiction and mysteries, you must read this book. It is well written with great characters. The story is exciting and it’s a hard book to put down from the first chapter to the end.

Reviewed by A. Dorice Cosler on Amazon.com: Sue Eller has done it once again; written a fun, thoroughly entertaining book filled with wonderful characters! The plot is filled with twist, turns and sublime humor. The main character of “Taming of the T-Bird” is Emily Trace, who took over her late husband’s detective agency (after his suspicious death) and is slowly building up an interesting mix of clientele and unique cases to solve.

While her trusty and extremely organized office assistant Darla is in charge of running the office, Emily is able to concentrate on the needs of her quirky clients, and (with enough coffee) is able to juggle more than one mystery at a time.

This is the second, Emily Trace: E.T. Detective Agency mystery that I have read, and enjoyed it just as much as I did the first one! Sue Eller is a gifted writer who certainly knows how to spin a tale full of imagery, and interesting situations!!

Reviewed by D. Andrew McChesney on Amazon.com: Private investigator Emily Trace is called upon to determine why the classic car runs great, except at a certain spot along the road. Delving into that situation also reveals problems with the internet and strange lights in the sky. As Christmas time approaches, and as the coldest snowiest winter in years engulfs the town, she tackles these mysteries while also investigating the deaths of her late husband, his grandfather, and most recently, an arson fire. She is aided by a deputy sheriff, her office staff, a former teacher, and friends who are not from this world. Is there an extraterrestrial plot to conquer Earth? Will she discover and stop it in time?
Sue Eller writes in an easy conversational manner. The story is in first person; as if the reader is listening to Emily relate her tale while sitting at the kitchen table drinking cup after cup of coffee. Even the little asides, which writers today are admonished to avoid, fit right in with the casual tone and add, rather than detract from the narration. While the story is for the most part light and perhaps even cozy in nature, it also touches on some deeper darker aspects of human nature.
This blend of Science Fiction and Mystery is enjoyable, easy to read, and hard to put down. Taming of the T-Bird is available on-line in both e-book and paperback versions, and in bookstores near the author’s home of Spokane, Washington.

Reviewed by James Parry: In this, the second in the Emily Trace Mystery series, Emily, through her E.T. Detective Agency, continues her relentless pursuit of her husband’s killer. However, she, once again, (because of the misinterpretation of “E.T.”) finds herself entangled with clients wanting to find the cause(s) of supernatural happenings. Emily is able to solve all of their extraterrestrial problems, but we will have to wait for the third book to find out who caused her husband’s death. Is it related to the alien problem or is it a totally separate case? Stay tuned. A well-written, fast-paced book in which Emily speaks to the reader in a first-person, conversational tone. A wonderful, easy read that’s out of this world! Great for the sci-fi fan and/or the murder mystery aficionado.