About the author:

Sue Eller is a sci-fi and fantasy fan who, with her husband Ray, lives in Spokane, Washington. She majored in chemistry in college and worked at various times for mining assay and pharmaceutical companies. She has also written numerous short stories and articles for a weekly newspaper and currently interviews and writes about artists and authors for Art Chowder magazine. She has a love of God, people, and all things scientific.

The Emily Trace Mystery series is one of Sue’s passions. Emily’s first adventure, Meadowlark Madness,  was followed by Taming of the T-Bird and Send in the Drones. All three titles are available on Amazon and Kindle. Through Solid Rock, next in the series, will be a visit by Emily Trace to another planet to help her out-of-town friends solve a mystery on their home turf.

Sue has also written a novella entitled Return from Armageddon, a story of a dystopian future set in and around the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and a cookbook, The Gluten Free Gourmand. Upcoming projects include (in addition to the next Emily Trace adventure) a novel set in the 1990s about the human genome project, The Phosphor Anomaly, and various other projects in various states of disarray. Click on the drop-down menus for Emily Trace Books and Other Books to find out more about each of these titles.

The global pandemic and accompanying restrictions slowed down the social butterfly aspect of Sue’s personality, but she is back with more bookworm delights, including a collection of short stories titled Short Trips to Alternate Universes and a re-release of Return from Armageddon with a colorful cover. Sue is also currently serving as president of the Spokane Authors & Self-Publishers and can be seen around the Spokane area at some of the high school craft fairs. Check out the events tab for updates.

About Emily:

Emily Trace is a thirty-something widow who lives in Spokane, Washington. She opens her own detective agency with the hope she can find the person or persons who murdered her husband.

Author Sue Eller takes her imaginary friend, Emily, through a series of adventures, which turn her bumbling heroine into a passable sleuth and planet hopper. Emily’s friends include a deputy sheriff, a temp office worker who becomes permanent, her former high school science teacher, her best friend, and a couple of interplanetary travelers. Emily also becomes acquainted with some of the residents of the small towns surrounding the Spokane metro area.

Emily is a survivor, albeit a paranoid one, who overcomes obstacles thrown her way with spunk, perseverance, and a little help from her friends.


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