Fall Festivities

Hello again, everyone. The hot weather and most of the smoke in the air have both dissipated here in the Pacific Northwest, so I changed my banner photo back to its previous version. We have had some days of cooler temperatures and rain, which are both most welcome. In our little corner of the world, fall has fallen with a resounding thud. I’m not sorry to see summer go this year.

My heart grieves for the suffering in other parts of the country, the continent, and beyond. Earthquakes and hurricanes have taken heavy tolls, and the woes of the world are more real to us than they were to our parents and grandparents, because we know more about what’s going on all over the planet than any generation before us.

We have also been able to witness — either in person or via the news media and the internet — the total eclipse of the sun. Thanks to NASA, pictures of Cassini as it plummeted toward Saturn’s surface are still popping up every time I open my web browser. Thus we have expanded our sphere of knowledge and experience outward to include our little corner of the universe.

What does this all mean? Each of us must find our own raison d’être, our purpose in life. If I had to choose only one, it would be to demonstrate unconditional love. Will you share yours in the Leave a Reply box below?



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