Meadowlark Madness available on Smashwords

Meadowlark cover imageMeadowlark Madness, the first adventure of bumbling detective Emily Trace, went live on Smashwords today.

Preparing the manuscript for the more strict specifications took a couple of days and some frustration and tearing of hair.

However, the effort was well worth it. In the first four hours the book was live, it had 40 visits to its page, six downloads of the preview, and one purchase. Another plus: once I muddled through the process, I was able to prepare Taming of the T-Bird in just a few hours.

I plan to wait a few days before I upload the T-Bird manuscript. Smashwords will sell your ebook on their site, but if you want it available to places like Barnes & Noble and Apple, your book must meet more stringent requirements. If there are a few fixes to make on the Meadowlark book, I want to find out about them before I put more books up on the site.

While I was on the Smashwords site, I set up a Q&A interview and uploaded my author photo and bio. I’m still exploring the benefits and help they offer to authors (and agents and publishers, too). Check out my author page at Smashwords under authorsueeller.

I’ll share with you from time to time my experiences with this and other author-friendly sites. Until then, enjoy your today.



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