NaNoWriMo Eve (a.k.a. Halloween)


The witching hour approaches, and novel writers around the globe prepare to immerse themselves in a Herculean effort to produce a novel in a single month.

That’s the idea, anyway. National Novel Writing Month approaches. It sneaks up on unsuspecting writers, who have a lofty goal of writing a rough draft of a 50,000 word book in 30 days. I have joined in, and hope to produce the sequel to my first published work, which was a novella entitled Return from Armageddon. I have a working title (Resurrection in Reverse), a sketchy outline, and a determination to finish what I envisioned over 20 years ago. It’s time.

NaNoWriMo is not the only thing going on in my life right now. In fact, this week is filled with what I like to call “writing stuff,” which is a highly technical term for what I love to do.

I still need to finish the edits, formatting and cover for Send in the Drones, the next Emily Trace Mystery. I’m excited about this one, and I hope Emily Trace fans will be, too.

Wednesday, I meet with fellow Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers officer and dear friend, Beth Camp. We have been working on SASP’s first anthology, Celebrating Spokane Authors, and hope to iron out the little glitches we found in the proof copies, get the final cover and pages to the printer, Gray Dog Press, and have it ready to go within the week. Then we get to present the book at the SASP meeting this Thursday, November 2, take pre-orders, and plan a launch party. We couldn’t have done the project without lots of help from our fellow officers and members. I’ll announce the release date and party soon.

Then there is the SASP meeting itself. Dave McChesney and I, at the request of some of our members, will present a tutorial on creating and using Facebook and Twitter to market books and promote yourself as an author. SASP meets the first Thursday of each month at the Golden Corral buffet restaurant on North Division Street in Spokane, Washington. We gather at 2:00 p.m., and the program begins at 2:30. Come join us!

Along with a few other writer friends, I have the privilege of having one of my short stories selected for the Spokane County Library District’s anthology Spokane Writes. The Spokesman-Review will print a story, written by freelancer Tyler Wilson, on Friday, November 3. Tyler did a phone interview with me (and others who are in the anthology as well) on Monday. The release party for Spokane Writes will be Saturday, November 4, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the North Spokane branch on Hawthorne Road, just east of Division. I will be there, and I understand all the other authors appearing in Spokane Writes will be there as well. For further information, follow this link: 75th Anniversary and Anthology Release Party

Stay tuned for more events, progress on NaNoWriMo, release parties for Send in the Drones and Celebrating Spokane Authors, and upcoming book signings in the Spokane area. You may also visit SASP’s website at

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