Tales from the Road

Today will be a bit different, but then I like to keep things interesting. It has been my pleasure to get to know a man who is talented in music, acting, and now writing. Bill Bancroft has been a drummer and percussionist since he was very young, and has played, toured, and done studio work for various bands and venues all over the nation over the years. He currently plays with the Bobby Patterson Band, and has done some acting in the Spokane area as well, including a recurring part in Z Nation.


At the urging of family and friends, Bill has put pen to paper (or actually voice to recorder) and told his life story as a rock and country drummer in the 70’s and 80’s. I am honored to be asked to read the book – Tales from the Road – in advance of publication, and to share my humble opinions.

I expected to read a wild tale of the life of a semi-famous rock star. Yes, there’s some revelry and wild parties and drinking and partaking of illegal substances. But that isn’t the heart of the story. Tales from the Road is first and foremost a love story – a constant balancing act between Bill’s love for his wife and family and his love of music.

It is also a story of a life NOT wasted, of a coming of age and coming of maturity (not all at the same time), and a triumph of intelligence over indulgence. I would recommend this book to all but the faint of heart. Stay tuned and I’ll alert you when the book is released for sale.


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