SASP Anthology

NaNoWriMo has ended, and once again I got sidetracked. The good news is I got started on the sequel to my first book, Return From Armageddon. I have a working title for it: Resurrection in Reverse. I showed the beginning to a couple of my friends and fellow writers, and they told me it surprised them. I’ll leave the teaser at that for now.

Meanwhile, the fork in the road of my life led me down the path to get our first SASP anthology, Celebrating Spokane Authors, into print. The book is live on Amazon and Kindle, and available at Auntie’s Book Store and soon to be at 2nd Look Books. Both are independent book stores in Spokane.

Here is a short video slide show I put together with photos by Curt Rein, Beth Camp, and Kate Poitevin, and background music by Maxie Ray Mills and Steve Sackett. Maxie and Steve provided a live performance at our party, and rendition they did of the song on the video is Dear Prudence, a Beatles cover.

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