Send in the Drones

Here we go, folks. Send in the Drones, the third book in the Emily Trace Mysteries series, is live on Amazon. Here are a few early comments from people who have read the book:

I started to read Send in the Drones Sunday afternoon and finished it the next day, Oh, my! It left me numb ― not just an open end but a cliff-hanger.  I almost cried at the ending, but I guess that’s what science fiction is supposed to do.  It’s a delightful story, and I’m so glad Archie is still a part of the books. — Marie S., Spokane

Your latest book ― Send in the Drones ― arrived in the mail. Thank you for writing it. I sat down and started reading it right after it got here. I even stopped what I was doing outside. — Loretta C., Dufur

If you like a good mystery with a Sci-Fi edge, you will enjoy Send in the Drones. Emily Trace finds the key to literally unlock the mystery of who killed her husband. I hope she can relax for a while, but I’m sure Sue is busy writing the next book in the Emily Trace Mystery series. I thoroughly enjoyed this story as I did the first two in the series. Sue’s characters are believable ― in an out-of-this-world way.  Joyce C., Cheney

Here is the link to get your copy on Amazon:

Send in the Drones: an Emily Trace mystery (Emily Trace Mysteries)

If you live in or near Spokane, Washington, you may also purchase this book at 2nd Look Books on 29th and Regal.

One comment

  1. Yay!! I am so excited Sue! I am going to buy it today!! I hope all is well! So happy for your success! Much Love, Dorice.


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