Book Review – Waxing is Useless by M. J. Hudon

A nameless evil lurks in the side streets and back alleys of Spokane, Washington. Unseen, but felt by the more sensitive human residents and smelled by the Guardians of the mid-sized metropolis, it hunts the sweet taste of its next victim, a vulnerable soul.

Hudon contrasts the horror of the hunter’s depravity and destruction with the tale of a bumbling housewife as she discovers her very own superpower. Creative cusswords are not only G-rated but hilarious. Humor and hope are interwoven skillfully with terror and trepidation as the author reveals the true nature of the Guardians and the reader discovers that, at least for some, Waxing is Useless.

Waxing is Useless is available on Amazon and Kindle. Click on the book’s cover below:


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