Book Review – Drummer Loves Dancer by Fred Jessett

It is the 1950s in Seattle, Washington, a simpler and more innocent time. Lad MacAdam, a drummer in the Puget Sound Scots Pipe Band, is involved in an outdoor stage production of Brigadoon. He becomes involved romantically with one of the dancers in the production, Ginger De Forest, a displaced New Yorker whose life has been anything but simple and innocent.

Jessett weaves a tale of young love, conflict, family, and religion, and brings together lives so different that the odds are stacked against them. Drummer Loves Dancer, but is it enough to make Dancer love Drummer in return?

Drummer Loves Dancer is available on Amazon and Kindle. Click the picture below:


and please write a review for the author when you’ve finished reading the book. Thanks.

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