A new look for fall

Hello, my friends and followers. As you may have noticed, Emily Trace Mysteries is undergoing some changes. With a lot of help from a tech-savvy grandchild, we are adding pages and features to help you navigate the ever-improving site.

I hope you enjoy the new features. I’ve kept the same look, but will add and update new pages from time to time as well. I want to thank you for your faithfulness in following this blog through several major changes, and certainly from a few dry spells, too.

Come back often to see the new content. Check out the new and the updated pages. I hope to please and once in a while amaze you.

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  1. Hi, Sue! I have a blog site here, too, but not really active up to now. I am currently building a site for INWG… I’ll let you know via other resources – keep a lookout. It’s inwg-guild.com. I seem to have a new free account here (readertoo) which keeps teasing me with “write” up in the right-hand corner, but when I click on that, it says I don’t have a site yet and then it proceeds to offer me only paid site plans… I don’t know what ever happened to the “Free” plan which is supposed to still be here but I’m working on it… ha ha… I am trying to use readertoo as a separate and freewheeling account that is not related directly with INWG or my personal one: Wordzbylindabondable.com. So I guess I can read and I can comment, but I can’t write – yet – ha ha.

    Meanwhile, glad to see you here! And I will check out your pages when I have a bit of time. Linda

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